Telecom Cabling Boot Camp

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Looking for Trained Entry-Level Telecom Cabling Candidates?

Verigent’s Telecom Cabling Boot Camp will provide your company with quality entry-level graduates ready to meet your telecom project needs!

2 Classes -- September
27 - 28th and 29 - 30th

Sterling, VA
Call 704.658.3288 to reserve your trained telecom technicians or schedule an on-site customized class for your business!

Verigent, a recognized leader in nationwide telecom & IT staffing, has developed a
free training program to screened and selected entry-level candidates looking for a 
career in low voltage installation. We have recognized the need to bring more talent
into the industry and want to offer access to this program to our business partners.

Every Verigent telecom cable technician graduate will learn how to:

  • Terminate CAT6 and coax cable
  • Build a 2-post data rack with ladder tray
  • Install patch panels and wire managers
  • Properly label and pull category cable
  • Fish cable and install faceplates
  • Use basic telecom hand tools
  • Identify safety best practices

This program can be customized to meet your company’s training needs and will:

  • Provide your organization with newly-trained technicians with on-the-job skills and hands-on equipment training
  • Ensure all technicians have passed a test assessment after the 2-day intense training course completion
  • Equip each technician with basic hand tools & PPE for your jobsite on their first day on your project

Call 704-658-9101 to find out where Verigent’s next Telecom Cabling Boot Camp is scheduled near you!