Verigent Employee Spotlight: David

Verigent Employee Spotlight: David

David lived quite a life before he ever came to Verigent. Growing up in Bangor, Maine, David always liked to work with his hands. “I liked building things,” explained David. “I got an associate’s degree in computer science, so I got into hardware.” With that knowledge, David spent more than a decade living overseas with his family working on large telecommunications projects. Back stateside, David spent another six years in New York before he and his wife bought a camper and drove around the U.S. in search of a new place to call home. “That’s how we decided on North Carolina,” he explains.

Without a network to fall back on, David wasn’t sure how he’d find work, even with his extensive skillset. Gushes David, “I contacted Verigent and gave them my background and they were able to get me a job right away.” For nearly three years, David has been a valued contractor for Verigent, sometimes even working on more than one project at a time.

The company David works for at the moment is in IT security, data, infrastructure, and cabling, and they’re also branching out into AV. “AV really interests me because I have a growing range of experience in that area,” says David. “The AV department at my current company is new and they look to me for insights on how to move it along.”

How does David feel about working with Verigent? “Through the years I’ve always had jobs with bigger companies, so it’s a really different experience for me.” He continues, “I love that my relationship with Verigent is a two-way street. I don’t have to go out and hit the streets looking for work, I can just get my information to Verigent and they find the work me. It’s just smoother this way.”

Would David go back to the kind of work he did before he crossed paths with Verigent? “I’ve actually been offered full-time jobs through the companies I worked for with Verigent. I politely declined because I like my situation.” He goes on, “Doing this just gives me a sense of freedom for right now in my life, and I like that.”