Verigent Employee Spotlight: Ed Haug

Verigent Employee Spotlight: Ed Haug

Ed Haug may be from a small town in Pennsylvania, but today he can honestly say he’s lived all over the country. As a contractor for Verigent for over two years now, Ed and his wife have been traveling around the United States working on short-term IT and cabling projects for a single client. “We do the cabinetry, the cabling, the IT…all of it!” Ed explains…and yes, when he says “we,” he means he and his wife, Lisa, also a Verigent contractor. This dynamic duo work as a team!

“One day we might be doing data and putting a bunch of monitors in,” explains Ed of the unpredictability of his installs. “The next I might be inside the offices doing their phones and internet connections. You just never know from day to day what you might be doing!” Ed says it’s a lot more fun going to new places with his wife by his side. When they’re not racking up those overtime hours you’ll probably find them eating a juicy steakhouse steak or taking in the sights somewhere new. Says Ed, “I finally got to see New York City!”

Ed hasn’t always been in cabling and installation. When he first started out he got certified through a national security brand doing alarms and video recording systems. “I learned a lot on the job,” says Ed. “It was kind of sink or swim!” He even owned his own business in the security space, but eventually he started looking for something a little more stable. He found Verigent late one night doing a simple online search. After connecting with his Verigent recruiter, Dustin, the rest was history.

“I really can’t say enough good things about Dustin,” gushes Ed. “Really, the whole Verigent operation. I have had an excellent experience.” He even says his connection with the folks at Verigent makes life on the move little easier, too. “It makes a big difference having someone who’s got your back when you’re on the road. You don’t realize…they’re your lifeline – they’re it. You have a problem and need an answer after hours and they call you right back…they’ve treated me very well.”

The feeling is mutual, Ed.