Verigent Employee Spotlight: Pam McNeill

Verigent Employee Spotlight: Pam McNeill

Pam McNeill has been with Verigent for over 10 years, but she’s known CEO Kevin Kiernan for over 25. “We actually met in Texas in 1993 when his company [at the time] put a bid in to my company and won the business,” Pam explains. “When I moved with my family to North Carolina and reached out to Verigent in 2007, I couldn’t believe Kevin still remembered me!”

Pam is memorable for all the best reasons. It’s her attention to detail and adaptability that have made her such a huge asset for Verigent’s NC office over the last decade. Although she’s currently the Payroll Manager, she’s done just about every kind of front/back office work imaginable for the Verigent team. “I’ve been a part of everything at one point or another,” explains Pam, “from human resources to onboarding to invoicing!”

Born in Michigan, Pam moved to Texas in the 1980s where she met her husband, Jim. Together they had three (now grown!) children there, but they’d always planned to make their way back to North Carolina, where Jim was from. After landing a fulltime role at Verigent, Pam says she couldn’t have imagined the changes the company would soon undergo. “It really has been pretty exponential growth,” she explains. “It’s all been change for the better. I love that Verigent is never afraid to reevaluate and make the adjustments that are necessary to move forward.”

In March of 2018, Pam will be the first-ever employee to officially “retire” from Verigent. “I’m going to miss the people I work with!” Pam says, “but Jim and I are so excited to spend more time backpacking and mountain biking in some of our favorite spots in Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. We’re going to buy a van and travel across the country!” The Verigent team couldn’t be more excited for Pam as she heads off to new adventures, but her infectious optimism will certainly be missed around the office.

Congrats, Pam. You earned it.