Verigent Employee Spotlight: Tim A.

Verigent Employee Spotlight: Tim A.

Tim and his girlfriend Laura

Tim A. has been at Verigent for nearly five years, but he’s a 20-year veteran of the staffing industry. “I’m Verigent’s Recruiting Director,” he says, “so I oversee our recruiting team and a lot of our training. I wear a lot of hats like most of the people here do!” As a history major at Virginia Tech over two decades ago, Tim didn’t know the first thing about staffing. But when a major injury sidelined his Marine Corps. career plans, he pivoted. “Staffing really just checked all the boxes for me,” he explains. “The harder I worked, the more I was rewarded, and it really is fulfilling to help make people’s lives better.”

When Verigent reached out to Tim at his long-time firm five years ago, he already happened to be looking for a change. “I wanted to be challenged more than I was in my role at the time,” Tim says. “I really liked what I heard about what the vision was for [Verigent]. I really loved the people and the culture and the focus on growth. Fast-forward five years and I still love it! I still feel like I’m being challenged and learning something new every day which are huge drivers for me.” Tim carries this curiosity into his personal life as well, traveling to new and different places, cooking, and collecting vinyl records in his spare time.

Tim’s dogs, Ruby and Bartley

Like many folks at Verigent, Tim says the people are one of the organization’s biggest differentiators. “The people here obviously want to do well and succeed themselves, but I really do believe that they care about each other’s success and development. That aspect of the company is really unique.” And not only does Tim think Verigent’s internal corporate culture is something special, he hears similar feedback from the professionals he staffs, too. “I think we’re a lot more responsive than many other places,” he says. “We’re always focused trying to find the best matches and trying to understand where contractors are coming from. We offer very robust benefits compared to a lot of the “big players” including accrued time off and 401k.” Tim goes on to tout Verigent’s unique training program, Telecom Cabling Boot Camp, designed to help people with zero experience in telecom/IT get a feel for the industry. “We give them two days of fundamentals training at zero cost, and we even provide them some equipment and gear,” he explains. “We’re not in it to squeeze every nickel out of every client and contractor. We’re looking at it from a long-term relationship perspective.”

Though Tim relishes his role as Verigent’s Head of Recruiting, he’s not done growing yet. “Every day is an opportunity to learn about how to be a better manager, leader, communicator,” says Tim. “The way I see it, my job really is to serve my employees, and I’ll never stop improving.”