Verigent Employee Spotlight: Nkosi Muhangi

Verigent Employee Spotlight: Nkosi Muhangi

Nkosi Muhangi is a man of many hobbies. In addition to being a member of not one but two highly-competitive chess clubs, he’s also an amateur astronomer. “I’m a member of the amateur telescope makers of Boston,” he says. “I’ve been into astronomy for decades! I actually got into it when I was in the Boy Scouts.” Oh, and did we mention he’s also an avid rockfish and bass fisherman, too, as well as a huge Baltimore Ravens fan?

When Nkosi’s not cultivating one of his many hidden talents, he’s a proud contractor for some of Verigent’s largest telecommunications clients. During his nearly three years with Verigent, Nkosi has worked up and down the east coast, from his home state of Massachusetts to Maine to Virginia and everywhere in between. “I used to work for an installation company out of Maryland when I got started in the business 25 years ago,” Nkosi explains. “I mostly did central office installation at first but from there I moved to the power side, started working in data centers, and then on to contract work.” Today, Nkosi still wears a lot of the same hats installing equipment, downloading software, and implementing operating systems for major central office projects.

But how does contract work compare to his previous in-house roles? “I like it because you’re on your own. The technology is constantly changing so it never becomes monotonous,” says Nkosi. “I get to move about and meet new people and it keeps me thinking. I enjoy being responsible for everything. There’s a lot of life out there and you have to go out there and enjoy it!”

And how does Nkosi feel about his experience with Verigent, specifically? “Verigent has been really consistent with keeping me working,” he explains. “Rather than a job for a week or two weeks the jobs are longer-term; they’re great about keeping me working. Also, my recruiter has been excellent and quick to respond. I never felt like he only cared about the client and not about me. We’ve always worked things out for what was best for everyone involved.”

That’s a pretty big compliment from such a Renaissance man! Keep up the great work, Nkosi.