Verigent Employee Spotlight: Sherry Kilby

Verigent Employee Spotlight: Sherry Kilby


Sherry Kilby’s colleagues sometimes refer to her as a “relationship accountant.” As the manager of Accounts Receivable and Billing for Verigent, she works closely with all our clients to keep things running smoothly in the back office. “I spend my day building relationships with other people,” says Sherry.  “I live my life through positive affirmations and the most important to me are to be kind and remember to laugh!”

Sherry (far right, middle row) and her family

Having joined the Verigent team nearly seven years ago, Sherry, who’s from nearby Statesville, NC, has seen the company go through a lot of significant changes. “I’ve really kind of grown this position which has been a very unique opportunity. When I came in we were very small, so I’ve been able to make the job my own, which is wonderful! For example, for the last couple of years I’ve really been focusing on diversifying the department which I’m excited to continue.” With extensive experience in sales, real estate, and banking, she landed at Verigent almost by accident, and while enrolled in nursing school no less. “I came in as a temp and seven months later decided to make the jump to full-time and I’ve been here ever since!” she explains.

Sherry and her granddaughter, “Vivi”

What does Sherry love most about working at Verigent? “I love that we’re a company that trains a lot,” she says, “I really believe in training. And it’s also a very open environment, and one that’s very positive to work in. It’s a place where you can express your ideas and they’re heard, and we all work together well.” Sherry says she’s even considering taking a few college classes at a local university which would be covered under Verigent’s education reimbursement program.

When she’s not at work, Sherry spends a lot of time with her family, especially her two sons who’ve given her one granddaughter and two more grandchildren on the way – twins! – due in March. “I just love my friends, family, and church,” says Sherry. “I stay very busy and I love that. It gives me a really full life!”