Verigent Employee Spotlight: Corrie

Verigent Employee Spotlight: Corrie

Corrie’s English Literature degree from UNC Chapel Hill didn’t necessarily prepare her for a career in HR. “Staffing totally fell into my lap,” she explains. “I didn’t even apply to Verigent…I was recruited by Verigent!” For nearly five years, Corrie has been an integral part of the Verigent family, today serving as our Human Resources Team Lead.

“I started in sourcing,” says Corrie. “Verigent was looking for an English Major to help create Boolean search strings.” After six months sourcing candidates for Verigent’s recruiters, Corrie was excited to take on an opportunity within the growing internal HR department. “We only had about 20-30 people at Verigent when I came on,” Corrie says. “It’s been pretty exciting, and I’ve really grown a lot here which has been a great experience.”

If her Literature degree didn’t prepare her for an HR management role, Corrie’s childhood did. “I’m originally from Massachusetts but I lived in five different states before I was 20,” she says. “That experience definitely shaped me as a person because I can get along with everyone and adapt to every situation, which is especially important in HR!”

Corrie plays a critical role in keeping Verigent’s contract workforce happy and compliant. Her days are generally spent working directly with contractors and recruiters on issues like paperwork, drug screens, benefits, audits, and employer relations. The hardest part? Says Corrie: “We’re national, so it’s definitely hard staying up to date on every new employment law in every single state!”

Having recently completed her SHRM certification, Corrie is continuing to grow in her current role and hopes to take on even more responsibility as Verigent expands. She’s also planning for a wedding with her fiancé, Curtis, in the fall of next year. It’s a lot to handle, but she’s up to the challenge.

“I was lucky to fall into HR and it’s become something that I’m really passionate about,” she says. “Plus, the people are my favorite thing. Being able to enjoy who I work with is something I really appreciate.”